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American West Water Advisors has a passion for water resources and a keen interest in helping clients solve their water resource challenges.

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Middle Rio Grande

Water Rights Administration

  • Water Rights Permitting
    • Domestic Wells
    • Irrigation, Municipal, or Commercial Use
    • Change of Ownerships
    • Water Right Transfers
    • Change in place and/or purpose of use
  • Indian Water Right Settlements
  • Active Water Resource Management
  • Shortage Sharing Agreements
  • Conjunctive Management
  • Preliminary Approvals
  • Emergency Authorizations
  • Demand Management (Colorado River)
  • Dam and Levee Safety & Permitting

Water Supply

  • Water Supply Development
  • Water reuse
  • Desalination
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery
  • Weather Modification

Water Planning

  • Drought Planning / Mitigation
  • Local, State and Regional Planning
  • Planning Assistance to the States (USACE)
  • Environmental Planning & Permitting
  • Hydrology, Hydraulics, Sedimentation and Floodplain Management

Water Policy

  • Intergovernmental Negotiations
  • Legislation (State & Federal)
  • Congressional Hearings and Testimony
  • State Legislative Hearings and Testimony
  • Promulgating Rules & Regulations
  • Drought Contingency Plans (Colorado River)
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Administrative Hearing

Water Infrastructure & Funding

  • Infrastructure Funding, Planning, Design & Construction
  • Dams & Levees
  • Water Trust Board
  • Acequia Rehabilitation
  • Tribal Infrastructure
  • Drinking Water and Clean Water State Revolving Fund
  • State Capital Outlay Funding
  • Measuring, Metering, and Monitoring

Water Quality & Environmental Flows

  • In-Stream Flow Permitting Issues
  • ESA Compliance & Mitigation
  • Environmental Clean-up
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Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Management
  • Financial/Budget Oversight
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Public Outreach & Presentations
  • Leadership & and Leadership Development

Interstate Compact Compliance

  • Interstate/Intrastate Litigation Support
  • Colorado River
  • Rio Grande
  • Pecos River

Program and Project Management

  • USACE Civil Works/Military Construction/International and Interagency Support (IIS)
    • Interface with clients/sponsors to assure our corporate effort results in delivering quality projects on time and at a reasonable cost
    • Lead and establish effective project management processes to ensure the project efficiently integrates technical functions of planning, engineering, construction, real estate, and contracting
  • Improve internal processes and systems in organizations to enhance productivity and accountability
  • Focus on providing excellent Customer Service and Customer Relations
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