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American West Water Advisors has a passion for water resources and a keen interest in helping clients solve their water resource challenges.

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We have considerable experience in developing and implementing policies and programs designed to enhance the position of municipalities in water policy development and in supporting water supply infrastructure projects. We can help put the complicated pieces together to deliver integrated water resource solutions solving vast challenges that face our communities, region, and nation. We are confident that we will enhance our client’s ability to achieve high level outcomes and we are extremely interested in becoming part of your team to assist you with your water resource challenges and attain your goals and objectives.

We have experience in solving western water challenges involving complex technical, legal and policy issues.

 These include collaborative solutions on the Colorado River, Rio Grande, and Pecos River and their tributaries.

Additionally, we have experience in building coalitions with state and local governments, federal agencies, private sector organizations and individuals, acequias, and sovereign nations that include negotiating and settling decades old and extraordinarily complex Tribal water right lawsuits.

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